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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for Facebook marketing ?

Facebook is a free networking site where people can create profile and business pages but if you want to run any campaign through Facebook marketing it has to be paid.

Is social media platforms helpful for my Business?

Yes, undoubtedly social media marketing is use for engage with your audience, boost sale, and generate traffic to your website. Social media marketing gives business a method to interact with current customer and attract them.

How YouTube marketing works ?

We love watching videos, nowadays videos have become remarkable popular. According to research YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, videos influence customer behavior because of this YouTube has become one of the best source to reach new customers and create brand awareness.

How should I grow my subscription list ?

Email marketing is one of the effective way of subscription, you can put this any corner of your pages, or business pages and come to know about their reactions.

Is email marketing still worth in 2022 ?

Yes, email marketing is still effective because using of emails emails can be consider as a source of formal communication and every person needs to open it for shopping, business, etc.

What is local SEO ?

Local SEO is nothing but similar to SEO, it is also the process of optimization to get rank higher but in local SEO you can include the location or area where your website is located.

How much social media marketing cost ?

It is fixed that any service is not free and social media platforms also, if you are hiring some marketing source from outside firm than  there is always a cost, apart from this the cost of social media marketing depends on the size of campaign and requirement of clients.

What makes good incentive ?

Any kind of extended content will be the most valuable part for particular audience, it can be anything like a video, a webinar, or a coupon-  these helps us to attract enough customers.


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